Make Your Property Look Perfect Inside and Out

Get your newly constructed building in tip-top shape

We offer post-construction cleaning services in Mt. Vernon, Texas. Before new occupants move in a home or apartment complex, we will:

Clean and take stickers off of windows
Wipe down all surfaces, including floors and countertops
Clean cabinets, baseboards and ceiling fans

Reach out to THC & Sons as soon as possible to schedule a post-construction cleaning at your property in Mt. Vernon, TX.

Residential, commercial and new construction cleaning services in Mt. Vernon, TX

Do you want your home or commercial building to sparkle without having to lift a finger? THC & Sons LLC provides residential and commercial cleaning services in Mt. Vernon, Texas. Our crew will clean your:


Apartment complex

Office building

Bed and breakfast


We offer specialized cleanings, such as grand opening cleanings and deep cleanings. You can schedule either a one-time cleaning or recurring services. Call 903-270-6304 today to speak with a THC & Sons cleaner about your needs.